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A brief history of life force, or orgone energy
Throughout history, humans have used life energy, or orgone energy for many purposes.  It is obvious that this use of orgone energy was always the result of practical experience.
We can safely assume that early humans felt orgone energy, just as most humans of our days can feel it, once they have been made aware of its existence.  In many cultures, humans also noticed that orgone energy can be directed.  The practices of yoga and Chi Gong emerged from such knowledge.   Some people realized that it was this life energy, which Wilhelm Reich called orgone, which was the "motor" of anything that is called "paranormal" in our otherwise "sort of enlightened" times.  In fact, nothing that is the result of applied orgone energy is "para" (beyond) normal.  In fact, as a logical consequence of our research, we can now safely assume that all of these phenomena belong to the natural interaction of humans, if not all living beings that we know of, with their environments.  We will show evidence of this point later.

Belonging to the first technologies of humankind, methods of applying orgone energy naturally became part of humans’ religious belief systems, and this was a process very similar to the use of fire, the making of metals, and natural phenomena, most of which they experienced without a thorough understanding of their causes.  Therefore, much of the time the practical application of orgone energy was linked closely to the religious creed of the culture where it was used.  Moreover, whenever an application of orgone energy was successful, such a success was considered to be proof of the religious creed of the practitioner, of his or her piety or "righteousness" as many of today's religionists prefer to call it.

Here I certainly cannot give you a comprehensive history of orgone energy and I am going to limit our looking back onto human history of the use of orgone energy to a few important pointers and ideas of how it has been used:  pointers, which I am considering essential for an understanding of this history.  In fact, most of the ancient healing practices, shamanism, religious miracles, special powers of priests and their spiritual work, would have been unthinkable without the use of orgone energy.  This is so, because, as I am going to show you later, any action at a distance of which we know is based on the use of structural links in combination with orgone energy.  In fact, the proof of this fundamental common functional principle of any action at a distance (call it shamanism, spiritual work, healing at a distance, or whatever you like) is extremely simple and you will gain the evidence of this whenever you decide to perform the orgone energy transfer test and, especially, whem performing the water optimizer testThis latter test will be a demonstration, direct evidence and proof of the transfer of specific characteristics, not just of orgone energy (life force) itself.

I have mentioned the practices of yoga and Chi gong.  In Polynesia, orgone energy was called "mana", in many cultures it was perceived as "psychic power" and quite naturally as life force.

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