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My invention of the orgone generator®

Although he introduced new scientific concepts to explain life force, or orgone energy, as he called it, Wilhelm Reich had no idea that orgone energy can be generated.  In fact, in his publication "cosmic orgone engineering" (CORE) Wilhelm Reich claimed that UFO's came to this planet to "steal" orgone energy.  This is similar to the claim of some conspiracy-aficionados of the past that UFO'S visited this planet to steal gold.  A closer look at the many claims of those conspiracidiots change over time, fitting nicely the whims and fashions of pop-science of the time when such works are written, mostly to make gains from spreading misinformation.  Those good folks did not know that this mineral (gold) is abundant on meteorites, planetoids, etc., where it is much easier to harvest, as little as Reich had any idea that orgone can be generated.  Statements of this kind and others throughout his writings give us the impression that Wilhelm Reich did not even think of the possibility that orgone energy actually can be generated.

For my invention of the orgone generator®, I have to give credit to three persons: Franz Anton Mesmer, Baron Karl von Reichenbach and Wilhelm Reich, of course.  When examining Franz Anton Mesmer's "magnetizing" methods, I realized that this method does not transfer "animal magnetism" from the magnetiseur (the person practicing the Mesmer passés, i.e., moving the hands along the body, about one inch distant) to the person being "mesmerized" with such magnetic passes.  In fact, with this practice new orgone energy is generated.  I was also aware that since ancient times some shamans, magicians or spiritual workers generated orgone energy by rotating their hands relative to each other.  For the first time I saw the practice of this method, of which I was already familiar, on a larger scale in a small Baptist church, where the preacher taught several practices of "spiritual work."  Karl von Reichenbach's work in which he examined the connections between magnetism and life energy (Od or orgone) was a crucial help as was the structure of the Reichian orgone accumulator, which was more evolved than Mesmer's barrels that were filled with iron filings.

In my work at a distance (some call it magic), I realized that such action was possible as a result of the creation of a strong field of orgone energy (Chi, Od, mana, prana, etc.) and its sudden shift.  Spiritual workers and magicians of the old, shamans, priests, etc., achieved this with the help of a wide variety of methods:  At first methods are used to accumulate orgone energy: either by drawing it in one's body, generating it by dancing or with high emotional outbursts, with methods of sexual magic, all the way to killing animals.   The next step was always to direct this orgone energy - consciously or non-consciously (following some "ritual" that works, and the function of which the practitionner does not necessarily need to understand) and directing the orgone that has been generated towards the envisioned goal.

This gave me the idea of building a device that accumulates orgone energy and shifts it:  This was a simple orgone wand around which I wound a coil of copper wire.  Sending DC through that coil made it into a magnet and polarized the orgone field. Turning the current off shifted the orgone field back to "normal."

Karl Hans WelzThe next step was to build two coils of this type around two wands, one inside the other, and the coils were connected in such a way that they always had opposite polarity.   Sending a slow electric pulse through the coil shifted the magnetic fields back and forth, with this the orgone fileds shifted, and new orgone was generated.  I finally had a device that was independent from the amount of orgone energy in the surrounding atmospehre and which, in fact, generated new orgone energy. This was the first orgone generator® on our planet (left).  In fact, this is a quite powerful device!

Then I built two types of orgone generators®: one of them worked on mechanical principles, while the Karl Hans Welzother one was based on shifting magnetic fields, as described above.  I used the structure of Wilhelm Reich's orgone accumuator, i.e., alternating layers of organic anc metallic materials, to attract an initial charge of life force and to build up strong fields of it.   The stronger the supplying orgone accumulators are, the stronger is the output of the orgone generator, of which they are part.  The magnetic generator proved to be much more effective than the purely mechanical one.  The first orgone generator on the market (in 1991) was a cylinder, about 4 inches diameter and 12 inches long, with a pipe going through it, and the orgone accumulators were made with layers of organic and metallic materials, fiber glass and steel wool, similar to the orgone accumulators of Wilhelm Reich.

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